Undue Influence Protection

The transition between life and death, living and dying, has changed from what it was just a few decades ago. The time period and process is wider, longer, deeper, more indefinite and fraught with issues of control, intentions, best interests and conflicting desires, which have come to be known as Undue Influence.​

So, as estate planners, we try to address and avoid the potential predicaments that can befall individuals and families. We have been addressing these issues for many, many years, and have the tools to minimize the issues that come with reduced capacity.​

In response to this potentially significant period of time of reduced mental capacity, we have created within our documents provisions to protect against the undue influence of others that could alter the intentions of our clients. We can devise methods to protect against decisions that can be adverse to your intent, and we can provide for the orderly transition of control to the people you trust to carry out your wishes when you no longer can.